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MAX 115 HP


Multiflex produces a complete range of hydraulic steering systems for outboards suitable for pleasure boats.


These cutting-edge systems were developed after years of design and testing.


Made under strict quality controls using cutting-edge machinery, the final product is subjected to a series of tests that guarantee full efficiency.


The components are guaranteed for one year from the date of shipment.


MULTISTEER products comply with directive 2013/53/EU for pleasure boats and jet skis in accordance with EN ISO 10592:1995/A1:2000


The Kit contains:


- Balanced hydraulic cylinder. Volume 92.5CC, Ci 5.6, Threaded Connection 9/16", Force (Kgf) 251, Stroke 184 mm, AB2 air vent fittings.


- Pump  Semi-recessed installation with non-return valve and front mounting overpressure.

Volume 16CC, Ci 0.9, Threaded Connection 9/16-24, Pressure 50 bar. Recommended steering wheel Ø 288 mm.


- 2 flexible hoses of 5 m (modifiable by cutting according to needs).


- Terminal fittings for flexible hoses


- 2 Liters of hydraulic oil.





- Piston joint with ball bearing.
- Built-in block valve to safeguard feedback from the rudder.
- Integrated relief valve to protect the guide system from excess pressure.
- Standard 3/4" tapered shaft.
- Block valve seals and shaft seal easily accessible for replacement.
- Both ports are tightly closed with red blind plugs for connecting the hose to the cylinder.
- The blank door is locked with a hex pin which can be used to connect to the dual station kit.

-pair of 90° adjustable chromed brass elbow fittings to connect to the 5/16" flexible hose.

- Balanced cylinder: the number of turns (side to side) is the same from port to starboard.
- 316 stainless steel piston rod with durable chrome plating
support rod SS 316.
- Anodized aluminum tube.
- Support brackets in anodized aluminium.
- SS 316 fasteners - lock nuts/washers, etc...

Single and dual motor installations
Includes hex adapter to connect cylinder to engine

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